Davina Ann Vickers 25th September 1934 - 25th May 2015

taken by Camilla 17th May 2015

"D - Dear friend, always with a Dignified presence and a Darling of a woman.

A - Admired. She was hugely respected by everyone she knew.

V - Value – to the family. Virtuous, a highly principled lady and, yes, Vivacious!

I - Idolized by all. Impeccable in dress, her manners and her respect for others. She was Intelligent and could hold a good debate and was no one’s fool! She was Interested in everyone with the family as a priority. And she was Indefatigable – never tiring or stopping right to the last.

N - Neat. She was always the same at home and in her dress. Noble, with personal qualities and high moral principles. Nucleus, she was the epicentre of her family.

A - Adored by all and she was an AMAZING woman, astonishing and impressive.

We honour your life, Davina, and celebrate who you were. We are left with abiding memories of a very SPECIAL person!"

From a dear friend and neighbour in South Africa.

"Mum was a trailblazer in a changing world of global interaction between different cultures. She accommodated three religious faiths in her family with great respect, love and acceptance, even if Christmas meal planning became challenging! She was prepared to choose family above difference, and compassion above judgement. Her tolerance was an example of what could be possible in a peaceful world, so much in need of healing."

Words of daughter-in-law, Shelly Vickers, from eulogy for Davina

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