Davina’s Drive
Italy - France - England
21st June 2015 – 11th July 2015

Reminding everyone, anywhere,
to support palliative care

Quality, compassionate care for people
facing life-limiting illness

Thank you for joining in Davina’s Drive and showing your support for palliative care for everyone, anywhere!

This support was overwhelming, particularly as the drive was organised in such a short time following Davina’s death on 25th May, and included:

  •  you who came to the Echoes of Italy concert on 11th July 2015
  •  you who donated directly to Salisbury Hospice Charity

£11,150.00 was raised for Salisbury Hospice Charity through the Echoes of Italy concert, Davina’s Drive and the Davina’s Fund Raffle!

  • you who kindly donated to Davina’s Fund (to help this all happen)
  • all of you who donated to your local / preferred hospices and told the recipient hospices about Davina’s Drive and the collaborative support for palliative care everywhere:

Kelowna Hospice, British Columbia, Canada
Helderberg Hospice, Somerset West, South Africa
St Luke’s Hospice, Cape Town, South Africa
​Princess Alice Hospice, ​Esher, Surrey, England
Naomi House and Jacksplace, Winchester, England
St Michaels Hospice, Basingstoke, England
St Joseph’s Hospice, Mare St, London, England

  • all you who helped me, especially:

Enrico & Silvia Lanza (​my apologies for that stressful time in ​Pinerolo​ when Tazia didn’t like reverse​), Francesca Lanza (​backwards & forwards between ​Pinerolo​ & Turin/over mountain passes/England, all the while​ keeping her singing career on track), Simone Tavares (​fabulously creative agent Smilla in ​Cape Town), Pietro Sciandra  (​excellent ​​support on website, ​Pinerolo), Rose Priestly (​wise advice, Hanging Langford), Davide Mainero (​car hunting, ​Pinerolo), Evans Tonon (​car viewing, ​Turin), Paola Bertorello (​yummy Italian products,​ Pinerolo), Augusto Valença (​cheering me up when Tazia misbehaved, ​crawling over the mountain pass to Briançon!), angel Nick Jordan (who boiled in the heat guiding Tazia and I across Paris), Rachel Turnbull (​open to mad ideas, ​Salisbury Hospice Charity), the lovely couple in the bar in a teeny French village at the end of a long very hot day who phoned round to find me accommodation, then drew directions including the penguin landmark; the efficient assistant at Brittany Ferries in Caen who managed to squeeze Tazia and I on a full ferry (Tazia’s dimensions of benefit) in my race to get back to England before the Italian musicians arrived by plane, and all of you keeping me company on the road via Facebook and Instagram.

  • Finally, everyone involved in the successful Echoes of Italy concert – see the video on our Facebook page
  • For pictures taken on Davina’s Drive,  see Instagram

Driver of car: Camilla Vickers

Davina joined her daughter, Camilla, on many road trips in various countries over the years. Camilla (healthcare professional, Intensive, High and Cardiac Care Units for adults, children and babies): ‘I cared for my mum from the start of her brave and positive stance against the odds, and over two continents, until her death on 25th May 2015. I was privileged to be with her throughout this journey where quality over quantity of life was key, no matter how much we may cling to life’.

Why Davina’s Drive started in Italy:

A special trip to coincide with the 70th anniversary of WWII Trasimeno Battle was planned in 2014 to celebrate Davina’s 80th birthday, but was cancelled due to her illness. Lago Trasimeno had particular relevance to Davina as her father, John Gwynne-James, was killed on the west side of the lake on 26th June 1944, and was buried at Orvieto Military Cemetery. See attached exert from Italian newspaper and translation here.

The cinquecento was packed full of locally sourced italian products for Davina’s Fund Raffle at the Salisbury Hospice Echoes of Italy concert (www.sunsetconcert.co.uk)

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